Riché Richardson's 2nd art studio in Ithaca, New York (pictured below) was where the footage of her was taped for Lauren Cross's 2010 film The Skin Quilt Project. Another highlight there was the tour by Cornell University's then-president David Skorton and 4 members of his office staff in the summer of 2013, which gave them a preview of the work for her second solo show scheduled for 2015 at Rosa Parks Museum.  He went on to serve as the 13th Secretary in the history of the Smithsonian.  Similarly, some views of Riché Richardson's art studio in Sacramento, California are featured in the 2008 short film about her art, A Portrait of the Artist (pictured below). It's also visible as a backdrop in several news features and interviews. Its balcony was an excellent place for photo shoots and Keith Stevenson, the photographer for Portraits, 2008 preferred the lighting out there. Her art studio continues to move in interesting directions.

Sacramento, California Artist Studio, 2002-2008

Ithaca, New York Artist Studio #2, 2009-2014

Highlights from the visit of Cornell University President David Skorton, along with 4 members of his office staff, to Riché Richardson's 2nd art studio in Ithaca, New York in June of 2013. President Skorton wanted to be sure to see her work on the road to the 2015 show in Montgomery, but had not been able to attend her public talk and quilt exhibition on campus in 2011 at the Carol Tatkon Art Gallery. Photography by Judith Byfield. 

June 26, 2013



I write on behalf of my colleagues and myself to thank you so very much for the honor and pleasure of visiting your studio yesterday afternoon.

We were all enormously impressed with your vision and work.  The pieces were striking, evocative, and innovative beyond imagination.

I look forward to following your continuing creations.

Thanks again, Riché!



Ithaca, New York Artist Studio # 3, 2014-Present 

June 27, 2013

Dear David,

Thanks for your note.  It was an honor and a pleasure to have you and your colleagues visit my studio.  I enjoyed the opportunity to share my art quilts with you all and to have such an engaging dialogue.  Tuesday was truly a wonderful and inspiring afternoon in art.  Thanks so much for taking the time to make the visit.  All best regards.


Portraits Finale Preview

The Portraits show continues to move in exciting directions and its final 18 quilts are now in composition, so stay tuned . . . 

"Digit, My Cousin Keri's Pet Rabbit" (Family Series), from Portraits Finale. (Composition 2017-2020).

"Khaki, My Cousin Keri's Yellow Lab"(Family Series), from Portraits Finale (Composition 2017-20). (Puppet by Folkmanis).

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