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Selected Bibliography on Riché Richardson's Art Quilts 


Documentary Films


A Portrait of the Artist:  From Montgomery, AL to Paris, FR.  Dir. Anne Crémieux and Géraldine    

   Chouard.  ExcuzeMyFrench Productions.  2008.

The Skin Quilt Project.  Directed and produced by Lauren Cross.  2010.




Chouard, Géraldine and Anne Crémieux.  “Rosa Parks @ 100.”  TransAtlantica:  A Journal of            American Studies.  April, 2013. 

Hutcheson, Carolyn.  In Focus.  Troy University Public Radio-NPR.  January 13, 2015

Nabili, Nadine.  “Levez la main et dites ouallah!”  The Bondy Blog.  January 18, 2009

   Books, Catalogs and Journal Essays.

Art Quilt Blog and Social Media Page 

Riché Richardson Art Quilt Blog 

Riché Richardson’s Mixed-Media Appliqué Art Quilts Facebook Page

Books, Catalogs, Magazines, News Features, Journal Essays and Personal Essays


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      Change." September 23, 2016.

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